If you’re looking for the most comprehensive LED lighting services and products, LEDLights.co.uk is where you’ll find everything you need. With LED solutions for commercial, office-based and industrial clients, LEDLights.co.uk is the number one LED supplier in the United Kingdom. Do you have questions about LED installations or concerns over project management? We have rounded up some of the most common questions asked by our commercial and industrial clients below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us, for a customised quotation or expert LED advice.


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How Does LEDLights.co.uk Approach LED Installations?

Every project we are introduced to starts off with a preliminary site survey. Based on the surveys we conduct, we provide our clients with comprehensive written feedback, which may include lighting and electrical designs if required. LEDLights.co.uk will also deliver sample LED products to help our clients make their decisions quicker and easier. Don’t know which is the best LED product? We’ll send you a couple to try! We don't mind what type of LED you'd like to give a whirl; whether it's a GU10 LED, LED Panel or anything else, we have you covered! The feedback includes all quotes and costs as well as specification on the type of LED products that will be required. We know how important it is to furnish our clients with as much information as possible to help them make educated and informed decisions. Once a project has been approved by you, we will contact our manufacturing partners for the specified products, passing the savings of our bulk buying power onto our clients. We keep in regular contact with our manufacturers to ensure that all standards are met. Our service really is comprehensive, as our in-house electricians conduct LED installations and provide post-installation support as required.


Are LED Installations Challenging to Implement?

No, not at all, especially when you have been in the business for as long as we have. To make it easier to understand it’s important to note that LED light bulbs are available in two types: complete unit and retro-compatible. Both of these types of LED bulbs are used for different applications. So what is a retro-compatible unit? These units are the LED equivalent of traditional light bulbs. This means you can use them where you would have had traditional light bulbs installed. By way of example, LED GLS, LED tubes and LED GU10 bulbs are considered to be retro-fitted. There are LED units on the market that replace the old fashioned bulbs and luminaires. LED high bay lights do not have these traditional light bulbs but are manufactured with light emitting chips inside them. Once the chip has reached the end of its lifespan the whole fitting should be replaced. LEDLights.co.uk will make recommendations on the type of bulbs required for the site in question once we have conducted the site audit. If you're looking to add a small amount of extra light into a room, consider placing LED Strip Lights in strategic areas around your home. They will require no retrofitting and you can put them wherever you want!


Who Do We Use for LED Installations?

At LEDLights.co.uk our LED installations are carried out by in-house electricians and installers who are NICEIC accredited. We have more than 30 years of experience in electrical contracting to support our extensive range of LED products and light bulbs. Understanding High Access LED Installation Our extensive range of high access equipment means we can conduct an LED installation irrespective of how unfriendly the environment may be. Our range of high access equipment includes scissor lifts, vertical boom lifts and cherry pickers to help our technical teams access all areas of the environment, no matter how high or low they may be. Our technical operators receive on-going training and have many years of experience behind them. LED Installations That Work Around You Our many years in business have taught us the importance of minimising disruptions during LED lighting installations. Please Remember: it is never worth risking the safety of your loved ones during an installation. When in doubt, consult with a qualified electrical installer.


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We understand that an office or factory cannot just stop production while an LED installation is taking place. So LEDLights.co.uk will consult with you to find the most suitable times for the project, so that any potential disruption is managed and kept to a minimum. For us, this could mean working over a weekend or after hours, but it’s part of the job and a token of the level of service we extend to our customers and clients. Our objective is always to provide the best possible service to ensure our clients expectations are met.


Why Make the Switch to LED Lighting?

LED bulbs are the most energy efficient bulbs available on the market today and, unless you are using them, you are probably wasting your profits on unnecessary lighting. Many of our clients see lighting energy savings of between 80 and 90%. In an office, industrial or commercial environment this is a massive saving, the spare change of which can be used in business budgets. In order for our clients to recoup these savings it is imperative that a comprehensive site survey and project plan is prepared. Only the best LED products will ensure the savings benchmarks are met, which is why we maintain close working relationships with all our suppliers. Despite having a higher capital outlay than traditional bulbs, LEDs can last for between 20 and 30 years, and offer a return on their cost within six months of installing them. LED bulbs offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to lighting. High quality light ensures that working conditions are safe and compliant when LED bulbs are installed.

 Additionally, you probably haven't considered how LEDs can be easily integrated into your daily lives! Thanks to the Internet of Things, LED lighting is just as easy to operate as your TV remote.

Our service and product guarantees position us as one of the market leaders of LED products and related services. All of our LED products are backed by a 90-day hassle-free money-back policy. We will replace your product or refund your money in the event you are not completely satisfied with our products, that’s how confident we are in the standard of our LEDs. Our guarantees also extend to deliveries. If our customers’ products are not delivered on time, we’ll send them for free. These guarantees eliminate the risk for our clients which, coupled with our 5 year warranty, ensure that LEDLights.co.uk only delivers the best on the market. So, if you want an LED installation specified to your needs, planned around your schedule and designed to save you money, LEDLights.co.uk is the place to start.


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