Making your home Autumnal

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Changing your home to match the seasons does not have to be an expensive prospect.The autumn season ushers in a time of change as hoped for sunshine turns into short, cold days with possible snow in winter. During the autumn leaves turn a myriad hues, fall to the ground and crunch under our shoes. It is possible for homes to reflect this and for flexible LEDs to pay a large part. Changing a house over to autumn falls into two distinct realms - the practical and the aesthetic. Let’s start with the practical side. The practical side of preparing a home for autumn is to take into account the changes in day length and weather:


Keeping the Home Warm

It is time to replace summery net curtains with heavier, heat trapping ones. Now is also a good time to change summery bedding with thicker, warmer ones, to keep more windows closed, and to close more doors to trap heat in. Also, with windows closed and drapes blocking the sun's natural light we recommend using LED Strip Lights to add an extra glow of warmth to bedrooms. LED Panels can also be retrofitted into ceiling fans and used in laundry rooms to add a bit of extra light during the winter season.

Replace net curtains with heavier heat trapping ones Change summery bedding with thicker ones


Lighting Your Home

As days shorten, you need to use more lights. A good tip is to have a range of LED lamps and LED candlelights which you can distribute around the house for focused, low energy lighting. They also help give the impression of heat even when they are not generating any. LED candlelights make for an excellent alternative to real candles, which while atmospheric, do pose a fire safety risk if left unattended.

LED lighting in the autumn home


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Why Now is a Good Time to Retrofit Your Home

One of the biggest balancing acts during the autumn and especially in winter is between a comfortable, healthy living environment, and an affordable one. Homes with poor insulation and heating tend to be unhealthier ones. Yet, utility bills are extremely high for the average family.

Now is a good time to retrofit your household to LED lighting because the cost of lighting your home will fall rather than increase. LEDs use as little as one-tenth of the electricity of some bulbs and half of that of its closest rival. This means the average home can save hundreds of pounds a year by simply switching bulbs.

As LED lights continue to become more and more popular, their initial cost of ownership is bound to drop as well. Combined with their long life and low electrical consumption (compared to traditional bulbs), it is just a matter of time until the term "LED" is as widely recognized as CocaCola.

Refitting your home can be a fun and  low cost solution as you can make one for one replacements for all modern bulbs whether they are spotlights, downlights, traditional fittings, or portable lamps. This means it is possible to revolutionise your home lighting in time for winter without redecorating your home or changing all the fixtures, fittings, and wiring. Well chosen LED lights will also highlight and improve any aesthetic changes you make to make your home feel warmer and more snug during autumn.

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A Home that Reflects Autumn’s Colours and Themes


A neutral basic colour pattern means it is possible to accompany it with a wide variety of seasonal colours. Autumn is a great season for colours before the stark basics of winter, so this is a good time to think of the colours of turning leaves including deep burgundies, earthy browns, spicy yellows, dark oranges, and rust-like reds. Also think of other colours including coppers, brass, woods and so on.



As mentioned above, remove net curtains and replace them with heavier ones, change your bedding linen over to heavier ones, but also think about more display fabrics such as investing in more cushions for seats and couches, changing the light summary table cloth with a heavier, one with autumn’s colours. The buzzword for autumn fabrics is cozy and that can go as far as adding thick rugs to cold floors.


Reflect autumns' colours & themes


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Your kitchen is also defined by what you eat as well as displays, colours and styles. Cooking special autumnal foods gives your home that autumn feeling plus there is something special about the oven light glowing on the kitchen floor. Seasonal foods can include apple pies, pear cobblers, the very British roast, fruity puddings, butternut squash soups, but also scented candles, potpourri and autumn aromas like cinnamon.



Changing the accessories of a home; especially a kitchen, can give a home that autumn feeling too. At this time of year, brass, copper, and gold make for good accessory materials. This is also where lighting comes in as new lamps, candles or candlelights add extra atmosphere to your home. Also consider changes in ornaments around the homes, extra cushions, throws, changes of artwork to ones more seasonally attuned and so on.


Reflecting Nature:

In Japan, nature plays a huge role in terms of foods and poetry like haiku, but also in art. Old style Japanese houses always contained a display alcove called a tokonoma. They would display art based on the season, now we are not suggesting you create a tokonoma, but it is possible to reflect nature by using autumnal colours, but by also looking to displaying autumn fruits in brass or copper bowls such as clementines and apples, or bringing in seasonal plants like hydrangea.


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