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Effective lighting is essential for livestock and dairy farms, for a number of reasons. Firstly, farm lighting can act as a security measure, creating a safe work environment for workers, and deterring trespassers from entering the property. It also contributes to a productive environment for livestock and dairy cattle, and it gives farm owners and management the capability to do work after hours.

To date, incandescent lights have been the first choice among farmers but because they make use of resistance to generate light, they are highly ineffective and inefficient. Recent advances in LED technology have amplified these inefficiencies, with LED bulbs providing much cheaper and higher quality alternative. It is for these reasons that once-popular incandescent bulbs are being phased out for farm lighting in the United States and the UK. carries the widest range of LED alternatives for farm lighting, to make your farm more productive, at a lower cost. After all, LEDs are the fastest growing lightbulbs available!


Natural Light Sources are Important

In addition to having fixtures for high quality interior lighting, farms should also have lots of natural light sources, such as windows or skylights. To optimise the amount of light that enters and circulates the building, the interior of your warehouses and work area surfaces should be kept as clean as possible. Fortunately, if your farm shed does not have adequate natural lighting, LEDs can compensate and ensure your interior areas are as productive as possible. For example, GU10 LEDs can be easily retrofitted into barns and silos to provide adequate light while storing hay or putting away the season's harvest.


LEDs Present Interior and Exterior Benefits

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6W to 20W LEDs are viable replacements for old incandescent lights. And, with an average lifespan of around 50,000 hours, they also make a lot of sense from a maintenance point of view. Many of them can be used indoors and outdoors.

LEDs are good for more than just lighting barns and silos - while you're out plowing fields, your wife can be using LEDs lights at home while work on arts & crafts! also stocks T8 tube lights, which are suitable for indoor use, as replacements for inefficient T12 tubes. They are available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft sizes and have a wide beam angle of 180-degrees. If you are after LED Strip lights to help add some extra light to your washrooms keep in mind that you're about to be in for some huge energy savings compared to traditional, incandescent bulbs! is the industry leader for LED replacement bulbs and T8 tubes for farm lighting. When you buy your lighting directly from us, your LED bulbs are covered by our 5-year guarantee. Take the first steps to becoming a more energy efficient agricultural professional and visit today.


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