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Buying LED lights for the first time can be a daunting prospect. You might wonder what makes LED Bulbs different from traditional light bulbs. You may also wonder where to buy them, which ones to go for, and whether there are any equivalents to the halogen and CFL bulbs you currently use in your commercial property or home. The simple truth is that buying light bulbs from is simple. So simple we’ve produced this short buyer's guide to help you make the right choice.

Replacing: Check Your Fixtures and Fittings

Are you replacing existing light bulbs? If so, read on. If not, go down to the next section.

For the most part, LED lights are a one for one replacement of existing, popular types of CFL, incandescent and halogen light bulbs. The simplest way to purchase new lights is to replace the ones you have by using the same fixtures, fittings, and lighting arrangements you already have. Fortunately, many applications, such as LED Spotlights, are a near direct replacement. This means that very little modifications to your existing fixtures are needed to upgrade to clean, energy efficient LED technology. Please bear in mind, the following considerations:

Check details on old light bulb boxes


Check shape & size required


Decide which brightness you require


How many bulbs do you need?


What fitting / base do you need?



1. Retrieve any light bulb boxes you may still have.

2. Check the size and shape of the bulb.

3. Note how bright it is in terms of Watts and/or lumens.

4. Count how many you need to replace.

5. Check what kind of base each bulb has.

Chances are you will need to replace a variety of lights even within your home. For example, you may have a strip light or a bulkhead in some rooms like the kitchen, spotlights or downlights in the living room or bedroom, and a standard bulb in the bathroom. Each bulb will have its own base shape and fitting. These include:

*  GU10  *  Screw Caps  *  Bayonet Caps  *  Small Screw Caps

*  MR16/Gu5.3  *  G9 LED  *  Integrated Downlights  *  Ceiling Lights

If you can name the bulb thanks to its box or fit some of the information above, it should be quite simple to find its equivalent LED light bulb on our website. Each item description includes some common questions, specifications, and customer reviews. You'd probably be surprised how easy the process can actually be! Whether you're looking to change the lighting in your kitchen, office, or even your bar, we have you covered on every situation that you may encounter!

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New: Choosing the Right Kind of Lights

You are presented with more choices should you wish to design a new light layout for your home or business. Let’s take each one in turn:

LED lighting for your home LED lighting for your business


Home Lighting: Take each room on its own merits. Consider whether you wish to have a single source of light or multiple light sources or a combination of a large central light and smaller spotlights to highlight particular areas. For example, you may wish to have a main bedroom light, but smaller spotlights over the bed for reading purposes.

Business Lighting: What is the purpose of the space you wish to light? Do you wish to provide a good office working environment? To highlight particular items in a shop space? Or to make sure factory workers have a safe environment with high visibility? Function often trumps aesthetic judgements when it comes to the work environment. You need lights to do their function from showcasing to security lighting.

Your options include:

-          Downlights: Small, often spaced out in groups

-          Spotlights: Used to highlight specific areas or bunched for main lighting

-          Tube Lights: Your classic office light - spreads light out

-          Floodlights: For outdoor and security lighting

-          Bulkheads: Corridor, emergency door lights, sensor-based lighting

We also do main lights, ceiling lights, panel lights, strip lights and high bay lights. If you are unsure which lights to choose or have a unique environment at home or at your business, get in contact with us and we can discuss the specifics of your requirements.

No matter what type of lighting option you choose to go with, you can always rest assured that LED bulbs will be the most cost and environmentally friendly lighting solution that you can choose from.


Test Your LED Purchases

Now you have received your LED lights, you can finally explore whether they are the best light for your home or commercial property or not. Test each bulb to ensure that it not only fits your fixtures, but is working normally. An LED bulb should produce a crisp, consistent light.

If you have purchased defective and faulty lights, we will ensure they are replaced with working models. Having tried out our LED lights, you are unhappy with their quality, we will accept returns as part of our 90 day trial period scheme. We have introduced these policies as a hallmark of our product’s quality, and to ease any worries you might have about buying light bulbs online.

Do remember the overall financial benefits can be experienced over the long term. Make regular comparisons with electricity bills from the same time the year before to see how our bulbs are helping you. Of course, electricity bills also vary depending on global energy costs and how mild or cold a winter is or how hot a summer is as well.


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