Top Tips for Selling your Home

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling; if you want to sell, you want to know how much you can get for your product. Smaller, or previously owned items generally require a clean or a polish, to get them into shape for an online listing. But when you’re thinking of selling your home, arguably the most valuable asset you will ever earn, a profitable sale requires a little more effort. So, how can you add value and make your home more saleable without spending a fortune?


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To help us answer this question we decided to chat to people from all over the country and find out, first hand, what they look for in a new home, and what they steer clear of. Using this info, we then compiled a list of three major areas that most people consider important when buying a house.

Incidentally our three-item list was scaled down from six key areas: modern décor, a neat and tidy neighbourhood, clean rooms, a good smell, the style of the building, and a light and airy ambience in the home. Also, don't forget about the exterior of your home! LED Spotlights can be used to light up your backyard during the evening and can also double as security lighting as well!

Factors which Encourage you to Buy a Property


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1. Making it Light and Airy

Surprisingly “light and airy” accounted for 17% of respondent answers in terms of what they found attractive in a home. On the flipside, 40% said dark and badly lit homes were a major turn-off. The best way to achieve this is simply ensuring that the rooms of the home receive as much light as possible. Of course, the direction the house faces and the infrastructure around you can affect light penetration, but you can give the walls a lick of light paint and use light curtains or blinds to make a difference.

You can also play with the lighting in the home in the event that your home is built like a cave. LEDs are not only energy efficient, they also emulate natural light really well so if your home is dark, there is affordable hope on the horizon. GU10 LED bulbs are a fantastic solution for bringing extra light into your home and without breaking the bank at the same time! Additionally, the LED bulbs we carry in our store last MUCH longer and use LESS energy than a traditional light bulb. This means you'll be in for a treat when your power bills cost less each month and you're not spending extra money on light bulbs!

If you implement LEDs you can also use them as décor accessories and draw attention to different parts of a room. Also remember that LEDs are an effectively selling point because they minimise home maintenance. If you buy high quality LEDs from LEDLights, the new home owner won’t need to replace them for the next 20 to 30 years.


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2. Developing Home Efficiency

More than a third of the survey respondents claimed they would spend up to £15,000 more on a property that has a high EPC rating. What does that mean for you? Well, the more efficient you can make your home, the more likely you’ll be to sell it.

So, do you know what an EPC actually is? For those who don’t, the acronym stands for Energy Performance Certificate, a certificate (yes) that analyses a home’s efficiency, on a scale of A to G.

If you’ve bought a new appliance lately, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s covered in stickers, most of which relate to the appliance’s energy consumption. If your appliance has a sticker with coloured bars at the top (which become green), that’s its EPC rating.

Interestingly, 19% of the survey participants said they would not buy a home that had an EPC rating lower than C, so there’s your benchmark. All your appliances and light bulbs should have ratings of C and above to be attractive to prospective buyers. LED light bulbs are doubly beneficial in this regard as they can improve a home’s EPC rating, and save the new home owner up to 90% of their lighting bill (Compared to halogen and incandescent light bulbs).  Even if you decide not to sell, just changing your traditional bulbs to LEDLights energy efficient LEDs will allow you to recoup that saving for yourself.

Energy efficiency also relates to heating, especially during the colder months of the year. Good insulation means you (or a potential buyer) will use a lot less energy to heat the house. This means, insulate your doors, windows and loft to maximise heat while minimising expenditure on electricity.

Making these small and relatively inexpensive changes to your home make it more valuable and more attractive to potential buyers as their month-to-month living costs are reduced significantly.


3. Do The Hard Work Yourself

Not surprisingly, 31% of survey participants said they would not be interested in a house if it still needed a lot of work to be done. Would you want to move into a home that looked or felt incomplete? Of course not. And neither will potential buyers.

“Hard work” doesn’t necessarily equate to a home restoration project but taps and toilets should work, broken windows should be replaced and that 60s décor in the kitchen will need a revamp if you want to sell high. If you gave up halfway through a DIY project, now’s the time to complete it because new buyers don’t want to inherit 10-year old problems.

When doing the work yourself, always plan ahead! Different types of lighting can be implemented differently to achieve the desired light effect throughout your home. For example, it may be easier to install LED Strip Lights underneath your kitchen cabinets than it would be to install large led spot lights.

Factors which Dissuade you when Bying a Property

So, is there anything else that could influence a potential buyer’s decision to buy or not? quite a few factors were listed, but many of them may be beyond your control.

Smaller properties are likely to attract less attention, it turns out, with 24% of respondents citing the size of the property important. Thirteen percent also said they preferred historical styles in a building but if you don’t have a home from the Georgian era, it’s not something you can control.

What you can control is ensuring that nothing is broken and that the fittings all look good. If the mood once took you to paint the dining room navy blue, we suggest you give it a coat of white or off-white. Is your home full of dark corners? Illuminate them with some energy efficient LEDs. If you’re losing heat to ill-fitting window frames or a badly insulated loft, address it before you put your home on the market.

Putting the work in now can help you to get a better price for your home, and attract buyers that, most likely, want to move away from any problems in their current abode.

For customised lighting and energy efficiency advice, check out the product selection on Use the efficiency calculator to let prospective buyers know how much you’re saving them with a house full of LEDs. You'd be surprised how LED bulbs have already penetrated the housing market, as well as other niche markets!


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