90-265V Smooth Control LED Dimmer Switch

90-265V Smooth Control LED Dimmer Switch

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This 1 gang, 1 way trailing edge dimmer will give you complete control over your lighting ambience, thanks to its intelligent control mechanism. The maximum load per gang is 100 watts or 10 lamps (whichever is lower). The minimum load per gang should not be less than 10 watts or 2 LEDs.Trailing edge dimmers incorporate many features such as soft start; smooth control, silent running and multi-way dimming that greatly enhance the life of the lamps and fittings. They are compatible with incandescent, halogen and LED lamps.

✔ 1 GANG, 1 WAY
✔ LED compatible
✔ 100W maximum - 10W minimum load
✔ Trailing edge technology
✔ Environmentally friendly: no mercury or hazardous substances
✔ Volume & Trade pricing available

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