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LED Workshop Fixtures

LED Workshop Lights

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Traditional workshop lighting varies from place to place. There is an image of the dark, private workshop in a converted garage or garden shed with a single light as someone tinkers over their latest project be it woodwork, metalwork or electronics. Of course, workshops are also industrial units big or small and no matter the size or the desired lighting, workshops require a standard of lighting that is robust, economical, and long lasting. It is time you considered LED light bulbs and fixtures for your space. Workshop specific LED fittings allow you to combine general room lighting with specific spotlights, downlights or lamp lights for certain stations and pieces of equipment while lowering your overall electricity bill.


What are LED Workshop Lights?

LED workshop lights are Light Emitting Diodes which function as high quality, economic lighting alternatives to conventional lights. The lights themselves are generally not specific to the workshop environment, but LEDs are better suited to the strains and requirements of them. Their flexibility allows for workshop owners to design the perfect lighting system. Unlike an office which generally needs large simple ceiling lights or a retail space with similar ceiling lights and perhaps cabinet lights, workshops require a variety of lighting solutions. These include main lighting but also station specific downlights, spotlights and lamp lights. LEDs are flexible enough to enhance each type.

LED Workshop LightsLED Workshop Lights

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Why LED Workshop Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense

There are two economic factors why LED workshop bulbs are better than rival types. The first is the long term per unit cost of bulbs. Many businesses may balk at the slightly higher outlay cost, but the savings come in the long term. As other bulbs fail and require replacements the LED keeps on going. The second benefit comes from running costs. Each LED workshop bulb requires just one tenth of the electricity of an equivalent traditional light bulb to produce the same amount of light. This equates to a third of a halogen bulb and half of a fluorescent bulb. Added up over a year this can equate to hundreds of pounds of savings on electricity bills for both homes and businesses.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Workshops

For many businesses, economic viability is the main factor in picking any kind of equipment, balancing long term versus short term costs. For LEDs, there are compelling arguments to be made for performance and robustness as well as financial reasons to buy. In terms of performance they produce a clear light which is crisp, and does not flicker. They are also more robust and resistant to random failures or damage. This makes them both better for concentration when working and durable in a potentially tough environment.


How Can I Retrofit My Workshop Lighting?

Undertaking a workshop retrofit can be a simple process if you are simply replacing light bulbs themselves without changing fixtures or fittings. This is because LEDs are designed to work with all common, modern fittings. In this case, simply do a one for one substitution of your existing bulbs with new, more efficient LEDs. Of course, if you are conducting a full lighting redesign, it is possible to buy LED specific fixtures which may enhance their effectiveness. Unless you are a qualified electrician, seek expert advice on wiring your lights.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Workshop Lighting

5 Year Warranty
All workshop equipment needs to be hardy and effective. Over time many tools become unique to the user with their own quirks and foibles, but lights remain lights. You need lights that can take a knock, take some fumes and dust. LEDLight.co.uk believe in the long lasting, durable quality of their LEDs and so offer a 5 year quality guarantee.


This page covers some of the basics of LED workshop lights, but it does not contain everything. You can find product information on each product page, plus you can check out our Help and FAQ pages for basic shopping and shipping information. Furthermore, our staff love to help customers with a unique project, so are happy to talk via email (info@ledlights.co.uk) or over the phone (0845 533 2852).


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