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LED Strip Fixtures

LED Strip Fixtures

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LED strip fixtures give businesses up and down the country to add another layer of flexible lighting to their site. Whether a retail environment or an office, free LED strip fixture delivery makes these lights an attractive proposition. Given they can be cut to almost any length, or combined to create even longer strips, their cost efficient nature has allowed them to become one of the fastest growing light bulbs on the market. This article gives you some basic information relating to LED strip lights and fixtures for business.


What are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a series of bulbs attached to a single strip. This strip tends to have an adhesive reverse to it, allowing the strip to be attached to a wide range of surfaces including signage, cabinets, walls, doorways, and more. In a commercial setting, they are used either decoratively, or to highlight particular items within a store.

The flexibility of LED light bulbs is highlighted by their range of uses. Many bulbs come in specific sizes with little flexibility - fluorescent bulbs are most aligned with tube lights, while incandescents with the single room bulb. Whether a strip light or a LED high bay tube light, LEDs are small individual bulbs which can be clustered together to form larger and brighter lights.

LED Strip Lights


Why LED Strip Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

Strip lighting can cost businesses hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year depending on the size of the business in question. Affordable LED strip fixtures and complementary bulbs can reduce this cost significantly. Strip lights tend to be the stereotypical humming and flickering fluorescent bulbs, but they can be retrofitted with LED bulbs instead. This is important because LED lights use half as much energy to run as fluorescents, which translates into significant cost cutting for businesses over a financial year.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Strip Lighting in Business Spaces

When retrofitting strip light fixtures, you want to be able to combine them with a high quality bulb which goes beyond just being economical to run. They need to fit their function - provide high quality, consistent and clean light which is exactly what LEDs do best. Furthermore, they need to be reliable and fit for purpose - LED strip lights fail less often, are more durable, and weather resistant than other bulbs. Furthermore, they do not flicker and they produce less heat than other bulbs.


How Can I Retrofit My Strip Light Fixtures?

Normal strip light fixtures are suitable for simple one for one light bulb substitutions. Therefore an LED strip fixture retrofit is a simple and relatively painless operation. Buying affordable LED strip fixtures allows you to use specialised equipment, but all LED light bulbs are designed to fit standard fittings and fixtures. The benefit of re-designing your lighting comes from the best utilisation of LED flexibility. Affordable LED strip fixtures further enhance your LED strip lights no matter how you utilise them in your business.


We Guarantee Long Lasting LED Strip Lighting

5 Year Warranty
All strip light fixtures come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but we put special pride in our LED strip light bulbs. Buying strip lights means buying quality LED bulbs, so we include a 5 year quality guarantee on each bulb to reflect how long we think they should last for as a minimum.

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