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LED Stairwell Fixtures

LED Stairwell Lighting

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Stairwell light fixtures are crucial in providing illuminated and safe environments for people walking up and down stairwell not matter the location. The last thing your business needs is dim or easily broken lighting. Traditional light bulbs are famous for randomly failing, for needing to be replaced regularly or for being easily damaged. With the possibility of free LED stairwell fixture delivery, this article will help you understand how utilising LED stairwell fixtures and light bulbs can help your building.


What is LED Stairwell Lighting?

Stairwell lighting, given its name, is a specialised type of lighting aimed at the proper illumination of stairwells within businesses, office blocks, multistorey carparks, and apartment blocks. These tend to be panel lights and 2D lamps sitting on the walls beside each staircase and on the underside of landings. It is possible to effect efficiency changes by implementing a LED stairwell light retrofit, replacing old inefficient bulbs with LEDs. This is possible because Light Emitting Diodes lose relatively little energy when converting electric fields into light.


Why LED Stairwell Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

Undertaking an LED stairwell light retrofit for your business will help aid your quest to cut outgoing costs, allowing for either greater profits or investment in business growth. LED lighting requires less electricity to produce the same amount of light as other bulbs, which converts into lower utility costs. If you switch from incandescent bulbs the cost is a tenth of before, if you switch from halogen bulbs it’s a third, and if you switch from fluorescent bulbs it’s half. Add that up over a year and it’s a significant saving running into the hundreds.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Stairwells

Stairwell lighting needs to be more than just energy efficient and cost effective. You need lights which fit the function they are designed for. In terms of LED stairwell lights, you will find them to be reliable and durable, resistant to environmental damage, and robust enough to not fail randomly. Furthermore, they do not flicker, the do produce a consistent and client light, and little heat compared to rival bulbs.


How Can I Retrofit My Stairwell Lighting?

You can retrofit your stairwell lighting by making a simple one for one substitution to LED light bulbs from your existing bulbs. This is possible because modern LEDs fit comfortably into all modern fixtures and fittings. It is possible to retrofit stairwells with cheap LED stairwell fixtures, which are specifically designed to maximise the flexibility and quality of LED light bulbs. However, it is possible to effect a redesign with standard fixtures and fittings too. If you have any questions concerning LED stairwell fixture installation, do give us a ring or consult with a qualified electrician.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Stairwell Lighting and Fixtures

5 Year Warranty
Your stairwell lighting should last for a long time. All of our LED stairwell fixtures come with a manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee quality, however we have decided to put a 5 year guarantee on our LED light bulbs because we believe in their quality and their longevity. They will serve you well.

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Furthermore, our staff love to give personalised help to customers looking to light their home or commercial property with our LED light bars. Please get in touch by email at info@ledlights.co.uk or on the phone by calling 0845 533 2852.


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