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LED Hallway Fixtures

LED Hallway Lighting

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When you are designing a new business layout or looking to retrofit one, hallways are probably one of the less exciting elements to think about. This is also the case when it comes to lighting as for most businesses there is a standard, basic lighting format. At LEDLights.co.uk we want to help inform our customers on the best ways to light their hallways, producing effective designs, utilising the most economical bulbs, and using high performance fixtures. This article aims to provide some basic information on lighting your hallway.


What are LED Hallway Lights?

Hallway lights are designed with one purpose in mind - illuminating corridors whether long or short. These tend to take the form of ceiling or wall lighting, with the former being most popular and effective though the latter is used for emergency and signage lighting. In terms of light types, tube lights are possible, but a more popular choice is the 2D lamp or high bay. LEDs are light emitting diodes which produce high quality light from an electric field. If you compare LED high bay lighting vs fluorescent lighting you will find a vast difference in economy and quality.


Why LED Hallway Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

You want your hallway lighting to be as energy efficient as possible, so you can reduce the annual cost of lighting them. Hallways are not naturally light places, thus require near constant lighting - especially 24 hour emergency lighting. Over a year this cost can add up, but a LED hallway light retrofit will cut this cost dramatically. This happens because they use a third, half, and a tenth of the energy of halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs respectively.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Hallway Lighting

As a business owner, you want robust hallway lighting and this is another reason why we believe our LED light bulbs to be the best on the market. They do not randomly fail, they last for a long time and are strong. Not only that, but our bulbs are renowned for producing consistent light without flickering, clean light, and a crisp light which makes for a more pleasant atmosphere. They also produce less heat, making them easier and safer to use.


How Can I Retrofit My Hallway Lighting?

You can retrofit your hallway lighting by either just changing light bulbs or by changing your fixtures. The former is the easiest because LED bulbs are designed to fit with all modern fixtures and fittings available. Hallways require fairly simple lighting designs including high bays, but the flexibility of LED bulbs does mean that cheap LED hallway fixtures can be installed to offer new lighting options. If you are fitting for the first time, then do consider these LED fittings.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Hallway Lighting

5 Year Warranty
You need hallway lights that are not only effective but also durable and long lasting. In short, you want reliability. LEDLights.co.uk truly believe in the quality of their LED hallway bulbs. This means as well as manufacturer warranties on fixtures and fittings they offer a 5 year quality guarantee on all LED light bulbs suitable for hallways.

Would you like to know more? In addition to this page on hallway lighting, you can find specifications and customer reviews on each product page. You will also find more information on our Help and FAQ pages, Naturally we cannot cover everything and every project is different. This is why you can email us at info@ledlights.co.uk or on the phone by calling 0845 533 2852, and we will be only too happy to discuss your unique needs.


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