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LED Garage Fixtures

LED Garage Lighting

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Garages require a wide range of lighting solutions from the main tube or high bay lights to signage lighting. Commercial garages need a high quality of light to help mechanics perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. These lights also include torches and spotlights to illuminate specific parts of a car. With the possibility of free LED garage light delivery in the UK, it is easy to see why more and more garages are turning to LEDs for their light bulbs. This article aims to help you understand why this is so.


What are LED Garage Lights?

Garage lights are designed specifically to illuminate garages of all sizes from private vehicle garages to garage workshops. These lights need to be hardy and strong, providing a high quality light for short or long periods of time each day. There is a major difference between private and commercial garages. LEDs on the other hand are short for Light Emitting Diodes, and whether they are LED high bay, flood lights or spotlights, these lights produce light from electric fields while losing little energy or heat. Their flexibility comes from their small size, allowing them to act as individual lights or in bunches and clusters as strip lights or spotlights.


Why LED Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Garage

Garages, whether just for storing cars, running a workshop, or as a working business repairing vehicles and undertaking MOTs, need good lighting. An LED garage light retrofit will cut costs whether the lights are used infrequently or everyday for extended periods of time. LED lights cut costs by using less electricity than rival bulbs including a tenth of that of incandescents, a third of halogen bulbs, and half of that of fluorescent bulbs. If you take the average house over a year, this can cut costs by hundred of pounds.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Garages

We recommend you use LED garage light bulbs for more reasons than pure economics and environmental friendliness. You want your garage lights to never fail you, to be resilient to damage and the environment even though they are indoors. You also want them to produce a crisp, consistent, and clean light for people using your garage. LEDs are the market leaders in all of these aspects and this is one of the main reasons, along with affordability, as to why they are so popular with businesses up and down the country.


How Can I Retrofit My Garage Lighting?

It is a simple and easy process to retrofit your garage operation. All businesses need effective lighting and you can implement LED bulbs across your garage just by replacing your existing bulbs with LEDs. That’s it. However, you can create new affordable LED garage fixtures without needing specialised equipment as LEDs are designed to work with all modern fittings.


We Guarantee Long Lasting LED Garage Lighting

5 Year Warranty
When you buy garage lights, you want them to be reliable - not just that, but long lasting too. At LEDLights.co.uk we understand this and we have great faith in the quality of our LED light bulbs including those fit for any garage. This is why we provide a 5 year guarantee on all bulbs as well as manufacturer warranties on fixtures.

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