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LED Carpark Fixtures

LED Carpark Fixtures

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Traditional carpark and street lighting is aimed toward using high pressure sodium bulbs. These fail easily and are easily broken by people throwing stones or other items. Many carpark owners as well as councils have inspected their lighting only to find numerous dead lights. It is time you considered a LED car park tight retrofit, replacing old, energy inefficient bulbs, with new, flexible and tough LEDs. Businesses and councils are not only saving money, but providing better and safer parking environments. This article will give you some ideas about why LEDs are to be seriously considered.


What are LED Carpark Lights?

Naturally, if you are going to invest in LED Carpark Fixtures, you are going to need specialised LED carpark bulbs. These drive high performance from the generation of light from electric fields known as electroluminescence. LEDs gain their flexibility from their small size, which means they are suitable for all kinds of bulbs from tube lights to spotlights, from floodlights to tiny strip lights. In terms of carpark lighting, specialised fixtures and fittings allow the best utilisation of these iconic bulbs in an outdoor setting.


Why LED Carpark Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

One of the biggest outlays for car parks is the lighting itself. Many car parks are used 24 hours a day and so require consistent nighttime lighting to not only help customers find their vehicles, but to keep them safe too. Affordable LED carpark fixtures are now a reality and so are affordable LED carpark bulbs. Each LED requires less electricity to produce the same amount of light than other bulbs. Over a financial year, this adds up to savings of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Carparks

Economic viability is probably the most important lighting requirement beyond one thing - quality of light. LEDs provide a crisp, clean and consistent light compared to other bulbs - for example the flickering associated with fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are also tougher, harder to break and produce less heat. This protects you also from lights being damaged by people, cars or the weather while maintaining a high quality of light.


How Can I Retrofit My Carpark Lighting?

A carpark light retrofit can be a simple process. Such retrofits are divided into two basic types. The first is a full retrofit including fixtures - this is usually only required for aesthetic reasons or to update ageing fixtures with newer ones. Of course a full lighting re-design is possible too, allowing you to alter how your carpark is lit. However, the simplest of all is a simple one for one replacement of your old bulbs with LEDs. To do this you do not need to alter or replace your fixtures, just change the bulbs.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Carpark Lighting

5 Year Warranty
Economical and durable carpark lighting is now possible, and LEDs bring something else to the equation too, longevity. They will last three, four or even five times as long as other bulbs. At LEDLights.co.uk we are so confident in their longevity that we are willing to give them a 5 year quality guarantee.

On this page and others we have tried to answer all of the questions possible on LED lighting and in this case, car park lighting. You can find more general information on buying from us and our light bulbs by visiting our Help and FAQ pages, In addition to this, our staff love to help businesses find the right lighting solutions for their carparks, so do not hesitate to get in touch by email at info@ledlights.co.uk or on the phone by calling 0845 533 2852.


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