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LED Bedroom Fixtures

LED Bedroom Lighting

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Traditional bedroom light fixtures can be broken down into two types. First, you have the general bedroom light, often dangling from a wire in the centre of the room with a lamp shade of some sort. Secondly, you may have some kind of reading light whether it is a spotlight over the bed or a lamp on the bedside cabinet. With traditional bulbs these are pretty much your only options and if you use halogens, you might find the bulb next to your head getting pretty hot. LEDs give you the option of not only cooler lights, but better quality at a lower running cost. Not only that, they have the flexibility to offer you strip lighting on your dressing table, all manner of diffuse downlights across the room, and more. So why not check out our ranges and learn more.


What are LED Bedroom Lights?

Simply put, LED bedroom lights are light emitting diodes which are used specifically to light a bedroom. The LED offers a flexibility not found in other bulbs. For example, this can include a variety of lighting types including a central main light or spotlights over the bed itself so you can read before sleeping. They can also be used for diffused downlights replacing a single inefficient central light or as strip lights around a dressing table.

LED Bedroom LightingLED Bedroom LightingLED Bedroom Lighting

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Why LED Bedroom Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Home

LED bedroom lights make good economic sense for a number of reasons. These can be broken down into two main areas - purchasing costs and energy bills. Taking purchase costs first, the savings come from the longevity of the LED bedroom light. As other bulbs fail, the LED keeps on trucking, meaning the cost of replacing other bulbs exceeds the initial outlay of the LED which may be higher per unit initially. In terms of running costs, the LED is far more energy efficient than rival bulbs, so for example it is twice as efficient as the fluorescent light, three times as efficient as the halogen, and ten times more efficient than a traditional bulb. This adds up to hundreds of pounds of savings for the average household.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Bedrooms

When you are lighting your bedroom, you want something which goes beyond just costs. The cheapest option is not always the best afterall, but in terms of LED lights, they have three things going for them compared to rival bedroom bulbs. First, they produce a high quality light which is both crisp and consistent, so is not plagued with flickering unlike other bulbs. Second, they are robust and can take more including vibrations that others cannot. Finally, they are flexible, giving you a wider range of options for decorating your bedroom.


How Can I Retrofit My Bedroom Lighting?

Retrofitting your bedroom does not have to be a long or complicated process. Indeed, unless you have Victorian fixtures and fittings, you should be able to make a simple one for one substitution of bulbs. All you need to do is ensure the replacement LED bulb is the equivalent of the old incandescent or halogen bulb. For a new build or re-design, consult a qualified electrician beforehand regarding wiring. Otherwise, LEDs give you the flexibility to design lighting unique to your bedroom(s) and your needs.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Bedroom Lighting

5 Year Warranty
Bedroom LED fixtures are not tested by physical extremes, but this does not mean they should not be reliable. LEDLights.co.uk take pride in all their LED light bulbs not only working with modern and many older fittings, but being reliable and long lasting too. This is why we place a 5 year quality guarantee on them.


For more information on any specific product, check out its own unique page. For general shopping and delivery information including guarantees, go to our Help and FAQ pages, We know every situation is unique, so if your bedroom presents new challenges we’ve not covered, feel free to get in touch by email at info@ledlights.co.uk or call us on 0845 533 2852.


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