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LED Aisle Light Fixtures

LED Aisle Lighting

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Large retail outlets including supermarkets and big stores are forever looking to improve income while reducing costs. One area that is now possible to reduce efficiently, is utility bills. An LED aisle light retrofit could save businesses hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year. This article aims to cover the basics of LED light fixtures, which house and further improve our high quality LED tube lights. These are perfect for lighting any store.


What are LED Aisle Lights?

Aisle lights are the main lights situated in large stores and supermarkets. They tend to hang from the ceiling in long strips over each aisle, fully illuminating all the products for sale. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are not the traditional bulb used in aisle lighting - that status belongs to fluorescent bulbs. However, a correct LED aisle light installation will provide equally if not better light coverage while being more efficient. The high performance nature of LEDs comes from their conversion of electric fields into light with a low rate of energy loss compared to other bulbs. Their flexibility extends beyond aisle tube lights to clusters of LEDs for large lights like high bays or individually as strip lights.


Why LED Aisle Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

The main benefit of switching your aisle lighting to LED light bulbs is cost. Prices for LED bulbs are falling and this has been coupled with continued improvement in their longevity and cost efficiency. They are without doubt, the most efficient bulb on the market. When compared to other aisle lights, they use a tenth of the electricity of the traditional incandescent bulb. Furthermore, they use half of that of a flickering fluorescent bulb and a third of the prone to overheating halogen bulb.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Aisle Lighting for Retail Spaces

There are benefits of using LED aisle bulbs which go beyond economics. Any procurement is a balance of effectiveness and affordability, we’ve proven LED aisle lights to be the most economical, but they also provide a crisp, clean and consistent light of a higher quality than most bulbs while producing significantly less heat. They can also take the stresses and strains of a busy work and retail environment by being the most durable and least prone to sudden failure of all bulbs.


How Can I Retrofit My Retail Lighting?

Aisle lighting as part of any retail environment tends to be pretty simple with repeating light patterns up and down each aisle. Lights from one aisle influence others too as they are usually set far above any top shelf. Most of the time, all you need to do is make a simple one for one substitution of your old bulbs for LED light bulbs. That’s all. However, if you do make a change, cheap LED aisle fixtures are easy to find as are LED aisle light housing units.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Aisle Lighting

5 Year Warranty
Every day when you open up your business, you want your aisle lighting to switch on smoothly and reliably. LED aisle lights and LED aisle fixtures give you the durability you need. They also last a long time, so long in fact we’re willing to give them a 5 year quality guarantee.

At LEDLights.co.uk we pride ourselves on giving you as much information as possible to help your purchases. This is not just technical information, but also practical. However, we cannot cover all of it on our aisle lighting page, so we have more general information available on our Help and FAQ pages, but you can also get in touch by emailing us at info@ledlights.co.uk or by calling 0845 533 2852.


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