36w LED Strip light - 2.5m - IP65

36w LED Strip light - 2.5m - IP65

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LED Colour Lumens Wattage Sku
Cool White 2400 36W STR/36W25M/5050IP65/CWND
Warm White 2400 36W STR/36W25M/5050IP65/WWND
Multi Colour - RGB 2400 36W STR/36W25M/5050IP65/RGB
Multi Colour - RGBW 2400 36W STR/30W25M/5050IP65/RGBW
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Lightwell LED strip lights offer the highest intensity, brightness and even distribution of light and with superior flexibility they are able to bend around any corner. These 36W LED strip lights are sealed in a waterproof epoxy resin and are rated IP65 making them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas exposed to water and steam. This 2.5 metre roll features 60 x 5050 SMD LED Chips per metre and has a 3M self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

You will require:
One 36 watt power supply for a single strip or if using 2 or 3 strips a 72 watt power supply.
A smooth clean surface to stick self-adhesive strip to.
A standard wall socket to plug the power supply straight into. 

Cutting LED Strip Lights:
Cut through the silicone along any of the designated cut-markings.
Connect your wires to the end of the new strip you wish to join.
Ensure a water-tight seal with heat shrink or waterproof sealant.
Static 5050SMD LED strip lights must not exceed 7.5 metres (3 x 2.5m rolls) in length.

If you are looking for a standard ‘halogen style’ lighting effect we would advise a Warm White LED strip light, this softer yellow colour is more tranquil and welcoming. If your preference is a pure white modern look we would advise a Cool White LED strip light for a cleaner and brighter light. For dramatic mood lighting our colour LED strip lights would be most suitable.

✔ Perfect for cabinet lighting, edge lighting & shelf lighting
✔ Environmentally friendly: no mercury or hazardous substances
✔ Volume & Trade pricing available

Episode 1 from our 'How To' series demonstrates how easily our single colour LED Strips can be installed...

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