All about Product Specification Testing

Product Specification Testing

Our product specification testing process is continuous, and our way of ensuring that our products perform the way their manufacturers claim they do. Bigger brands make more conservative claims about their products but we often find the smaller companies making more inflated statements, or manipulating facts to make their products appear better than they are.

We use a testing sphere to assess bulbs, from the colour spectrum to their colour temperatures. Using these metrics we can recommend alternative bulbs, which are more energy efficient.

One of the most difficult lamp categories to compare is the spotlight. Beams that are narrower emit a beam that is more intense but not so well distributed.

Using equipment allows us to get to the technicalities of the lamp, but ultimately we need human intervention. During our years in business we have encountered many products that have passed the tests by the equipment, but which we have not accepted because they just didn’t work for the human eye. Our priority lies in ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product.

LED Specification Testing