LED Panel Light Kits

LED Panel Light Kits

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LED panel light kits are a great way to build and install your own high quality LED lights as a direct replacement for inefficient fluorescent bulbs. Their sleek design mixed with unique features and an amazingly low level of light leakage make this one of the best, and newest, interior lighting solutions on the market right now. Each panel kit will contain the key elements for the LED panel bulb including LED chips, a diffuser, and a light guide plate. These kits are easy to assemble and use, though as we always say, consult with a qualified electrician whenever installing new wiring.


How to Buy LED Panel Light Kits

LED Panel LightsIt is possible to buy affordable panel light kits from the LEDLights.co.uk website whether its for your home or business. Simply click on the kit you are interested in to find additional information ranging from specifications to buying options and customer reviews. Once you have selected your choices, just click on the basket and proceed to our 100% secure checkout, which includes delivery options.


Are LED Panel Kits Easy to Install?

Yes, it is easy to install LED panel kits. A regular LED panel bulb can fit in any existing panel fixture. Our affordable panel kits, however, make it quite easy to install a new panel light into your home or business. We do recommend that you use or consult a qualified electrician for any ceiling space or wall cavity wiring that you undertake. It is essential that all wiring passes safety standards. Otherwise LED panel kits require no special considerations or equipment.


What are the Benefits of LED Panel Kits?

LEDLights.co.uk sell panel kits designed to save you money in the long term. How you might wonder considering the initial outlay is slightly higher than rival bulb types. Well, savings can come in the short and long term. These LED panels last longer, so when other bulbs are being replaced, these keep on shining. Secondly, the average home and business can save hundreds of pounds annually by switching to LED panel kits because they require less electricity to make the same amount of like. Take the halogen light as an example. It uses three times as much energy as the LED, while the incandescent uses 10 times as much, and even the fluorescent bulb uses twice as much to make the same amount of light.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Are LED Panel Kits Suitable for a Work Environment?


LED Panel Light Kits

Indeed, they are. LED panel kits are a great way for a business to invest in LED panel lights. The advantage of panel lights in the workplace, be it an office, a shop, or a factory, can be boiled down into light quality, and durability. We know LED panel bulbs are long lasting, but they are also pretty robust in nature, which means it’s harder to break them and they fail less often. In addition to that, they produce excellent, consistent light.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Panel Kits

5 Year Warranty
Whether you’re buying a kit or a standard LED panel light, you want to know that the products you are buying are of the highest quality possible. At LEDLights.co.uk we want to ensure that our customers get just this. That is why we put a full 5 year quality guarantee on all our LED panel light bulbs, and standard guarantees on fixtures and fittings.

Furthermore, we know that every business situation is unique. Every building has its own layout, style, and lighting requirements. These are often complicated by the functions it needs to perform. Our staff love to help you achieve your lighting requirements, so if you cannot find the information you are looking for on our excellent Help and FAQ pages please get in touch over the phone on 0845 533 2852 or via email at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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