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If your home currently features a fluorescent light bar, then it could benefit from a changeover to an LED panel light. These are a new kid on the block designed specifically to replace the fluorescent light and to create higher quality light for a lower price. Each panel light contains LED chips, a light guide plate, and diffuser which combine to create a more evenly distributed light source. Our LED panel lights for the home boast a range of designs all of which feature low light leakage levels, sleek designs, and unique features.


How to Buy LED Panel Lights for Your Home

LED Panel Lights for HomesTo buy cheap home panel lights, simply explore the LEDLights.co.uk website. We have a wide range of LED light bulbs including panel lights which are suitable for the home. Each dedicated item page features additional information including buying options, specifications, and the latest customer reviews. To pay for your items, just go to our 100% secure checkout zone where you could enjoy free uk delivery.


Are Home LED Panels Easy to Install?

Installing affordable LED panel lights in your home does not have to be difficult. If you already have a panel light in your home, you can use the same fixture or fitting as you do currently. Just switch over the old inefficient bulbs for new LED ones. If you are installing panels for the first time, consult a qualified electrician as with all new lighting, but you do not need to make any special considerations as our LEDs are designed to work with all fittings.


What are the Benefits of Home LED Panels?

Home LED panel lights present a range of benefits, but the main one is cost efficiency. This is both in terms of the per unit cost and the energy usage cost. Taking the per unit cost first, the LED panel tube or bulb lasts significantly longer than rival bulbs. This means that while it seems the unit costs more, the costs of rivals double, treble and so on every time they are replaced. The LED bulb also consumes less electricity to produce as good or better light. All rival bulb use more including the incandescent bulb which uses 10 times as much, the halogen which uses 3 times as much, and the fluorescent light bulb which uses twice as much. When combined, the LED panel will save you hundreds of pounds on your home lighting bill.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Are Panel Lights Suitable for a Home Environment?


LED Panel Lights for Homes LED Panel Lights for Homes


Yes, indeed they can. Panel lights tend not to be used that often in the home environment, but if you want to have a panel light somewhere in the home or in a shed or garage, then the LED is the perfect bulb to use in one. There are several reasons for this but mostly it can be boiled down to light quality and bulb toughness. It’s safe to say that the LED bulb is the hardest to break, and so not only has a naturally longer lifespan, but won’t randomly fail. In addition to that, they produce a good, consistent and clear light.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Home Panel Lights

5 Year Warranty
If you want to install LED panel lights in your home, then you want to be sure that the ones you are buying are going to last for a decent amount of time. Here at LEDLights.co.uk we agree with you and so only sell the best possible products. This includes adding a full, 5 year guarantee on all of our LED light bulbs including panel lights.

This page contains a lot of useful information for home panel lights, and you can find more information on our excellent Help and FAQ pages, as well as our LED guides, however, we understand that every home is unique. If you are unsure what the best lights for you are, feel free to get in touch over the phone on 0845 533 2852 or via email at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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