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Find High Bay LED LightsIn just over a decade, LEDs have gone from being a novelty light or a light found in expensive torches, to one of the most popular light bulbs in the entire world. This has led to the diversification of bulbs from single lights to strip lights and then more complicated clusters including high bays. Given these advances, it is now possible to purchase LED high bay retrofit kits suitable to a wide variety of venues including galleries, retail, leisure, factory and theatre spaces. This guide will give you a little more information about buying LED high bay lights.


What are High Bay LEDs?

High bay lights are an industry standard type of lighting, similar to floodlights, which are designed to create an evenly distributed, high quality source of light from a great height. High bays tend to be fixed in position at least 8 metres above the ground meaning they need to be resilient and long lasting - replacing them is a difficult process. Light Emitting Diodes convert an electric field into light, meaning LED high bay retrofit bulbs will require less energy to produce a high quality amount of light. Their flexibility means they can be easily controlled including light changes and dimmer switches.


Why LED Lighting is Good Financially for Your Business

A LED high bay retrofit is best for your business because while LED high bay replacement lamps may be a slightly higher outlay - despite the prices continuing to come down, they cost less to run and need replacing less often. An LED high bay bulb will use a tenth of the energy of a comparable incandescent bulb, half of that of a fluorescent bulb, and a third of a halogen bulb to produce the equivalent amount of light. Over a year, this can save hundreds of pounds for the average business.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED High Bay Lights in the Workplace

Workplace lighting has more requirements than being good for the environment and costing you less to run. Workplace LED high bay bulbs need to be robust and to produce consistent and clean light. Our LEDs achieve both of these goals while being reliable - they do not flicker and they do not randomly fail. This gives businesses the confidence to utilize LED high bays to improve working conditions no matter their nature.


How Can I Retrofit My High Bay Lighting?

It is easy to retrofit your high bay lighting. All modern LED bulbs are designed to fit standard fixtures and fittings. This means you can make a like for like substitution no matter the location or the nature of your business. LED high bay replacement lamps can also be switched fairly easily and only a major redesign of your business lighting involving high bays is going to affect the workplace during the retrofit or cost significant money. In such circumstances, always engage with a professional electrician.


We Guarantee Long Lasting High Bay Lighting

5 Year Warranty
When you retrofit your high bay lighting, replacing inefficient bulbs with LED ones, you want both reliability and longevity. LEDLights.co.uk believe in their products and their quality. This is why we offer 5 year quality guarantees on all LED bulbs as well as manufacture warranties of fixtures and fittings as standard.

We understand that this page might not cover all the questions and queries you may have about retrofitting your high bay lights. Our Help and FAQ pages cover the basics for purchasing from us plus each individual product page contains specifications and user reviews. In addition to this, our staff love to help customers with their unique needs to why not drop us an email at info@ledlights.co.uk or phone us on 0845 533 2852.


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