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Find High Bay LED LightsLED high bay bulbs are fast becoming the go to bulb for high bay lamps across the world. Businesses up and down the land, including a wide range of environmentally minded theatres, are turning to these high bays to revolutionise their lighting. With the LED high bay price coming down at a similar rate to the rise of its market share, high bay lamps are now affordable options for both businesses and homes alike.


What are LED High Bay Lamps?

High bay lamps, otherwise known as high bay lights, are industry standard lights designed to provide well distributed light despite being positioned 8 meters or higher off the ground. These powerful lights need to be robust, durable, and to produce a consistent enough light to perform their function as naturally, replacing them is difficult. LED light bulbs have developed significantly over the last few decades to now be useable in high bay light fixtures whereas this was not possible previously. By clustering together LED high bay dimmable light bulbs, businesses can now invest in more flexible lighting solutions.


Why LED High Bay Lamps Make Good Economic Sense for Your Business

LED high bay lamps, compared to other types of bulbs, have a vastly improved running cost which over a year can save a business hundreds if not thousands of pounds depending upon the size of your business. This is because each LED bulb uses less energy to produce the same amount of light as other bulbs. For example, a fluorescent bulb uses twice as much energy, a halogen bulb uses three times as much energy, and an incandescent bulb uses ten times as much energy. Add that up and then factor in better reliability and durability and you have a much cheaper yet equally effective lighting system.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED High Bay Lamps in the Workplace

The other benefits of LED high bay lamps revolve around performance and reliability. Whether buying for your home or for your business, you need a high bay lamp that will last a long time and which is not prone to sudden failures. LED light bulbs are renowned for producing clean, crisp and consistent lighting while also being less prone to random failures. Furthermore, they produce next to no heat, making them safer to use and be around. You can see just how popular our LEDs are by reading our LED high bay reviews on the product pages.


How Can I Retrofit My Business Lighting?

You can retrofit your business high bay lighting by installing LED high bay bulbs as direct replacements for your existing lights. This is simple and takes no time because all modern LEDs are designed to fit modern fixtures and fittings. It is possible to replace high bay fittings too, but this is rarely necessary unless you want to update them or re-design your business lighting entirely.


We Guarantee Long Lasting High Bay Lamps

5 Year Warranty
All business owners want effective and durable equipment. They also want them to be reliable and long lasting. LEDLights.co.uk put a lot of faith into their products, so much so they are willing to put a 5 year guarantee on all of their High Bay LED lamp bulbs.

To find out more information about our High Bay lamps check out customer reviews and specifications on each individual product page. Furthermore, you will find answers to our most common queries on our Help and FAQ pages, Our staff love to help businesses plan their lighting and retrofits, so are always on hand to provide expert advice over the phone on 0845 533 2852 or via email at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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