LED Dimmable Panel Lights

LED Dimmable Panel Lights

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Dimmable panel lights are designed to add an extra layer of flexibility to the standard panel light. The LED panel light is one of the new types of light on the lighting market and is seen as a direct replacement for traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. This makes the LED panel light one of the top lights currently on the market. It boasts a range of sleek panel designs mixed with a range of unique features and low levels of light leakage. Furthermore, the dimmable version gives you greater control of the amount of light produced. Each product contains a diffuser, LED chips, and a light guide plate to evenly spread light across its surface.


How to Buy Dimmable Light Panels

LED Panel Lights for HomesIt is possible to buy dimmable LED light panels on the LEDLights.co.uk website. If not this page, then browse our current selection of panel lights. If you click on an individual item’s page, you will find more specific information including buying options, and also customer reviews. Buying lights from us is simple and secure, just proceed to our checkout with a basket full of items.


Are Dimmable Panel Lights Easy to Install?

Yes, dimmable panel lights are very easy to install. First, if you wish to keep the same lighting arrangements and fittings, you can make a simple one for one substitution. This is because our LED panel bulbs are designed for all modern appliances. If you are making changing to the fittings or layout, follow normal procedures. You do not have to make any special accommodation for LED bulbs.


What are the Benefits of Dimmable LED Panels?

The main benefit to the average business or home of the LED panel light is cost. This is defined mostly by the bulbs long term durability and energy efficiency. Taking durability first, it simply lasts longer than its rivals. This means while it costs a fraction more than a rival to buy, you need to replace the rival bulb several times while the LED keeps on trucking. Secondly, LEDs are designed to produce equal light from a fraction of the energy expenditure. Here are the fractions; ⅓ of that of a halogen bulb, 1/10th of that of an incandescent bulb, and ½ of that of a fluorescent bulb. Combine all of these elements and the dimmable LED will save the average household hundreds of pounds a year in electricity bills alone.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Are Dimmable Panel Lights Suitable for a Work Environment?


LED Dimmable Panel Lights LED Dimmable Panel Lights


Totally, and for several reasons. First, let’s look at their dimmable nature. This extra layer of flexibility allows you to control the amount of light produced, so they can be dimmed if the room becomes too bright, or if semi-darkness is required or if lights are needed for security reasons, but do not have to be bright. Furthermore, LEDs themselves are robust in nature, so this means they are harder to break than other bulbs and less liable to fail randomly. They also produce a far more consistent light without flickering which aids concentration.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Dimmable Panel Lights

5 Year Warranty
Every dimmable panel light needs to be of the highest quality. One of the main reasons, apart from the benefits mentioned above, that LEDLights.co.uk sell LED panel lights is because they are long lasting. This is why we are confident enough in our products to attach a full 5 year quality guarantee on all of our LED lights.

This page contains the basics for buying dimmable LED panels, but you can find more information in our guides section relating to installation and usage, plus we have tons of information on our excellent Help and FAQ pages. Yet, we know every home and business is different, so you can also get in touch with our friendly staff over the phone on 0845 533 2852 or via email at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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