LED High Performance Shop Lights

LED High Performance Shop Lights

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Find High Bay LED LightsWith the LED high bay lights price falling in line with rising consumer demands, it is now possible to revolutionise your shop’s lighting design. Whether you require a total LED shop light retrofit or fresh LED shop fittings, you can make the transition at relatively little expense while revolutionising your retail spaces’ lighting. This article will outline the financial benefits of LED retail lighting, the quality of the bulbs, and how to implement them.


What are High Performance LED Shop Lights?

High performance shop lights maximise the three major functions of shop lighting - these are to highlight products, create an ideal shopping environment, and to ensure a safe workplace for employees. Improvements in LED high bay design mean that Light Emitting Diodes are able to perform all of these functions in different devices. A relatively small bulb individually, these bulbs create light from electronic fields through electroluminescence. However, when clustered together they can form large, high powered lights. Conversely, LEDs make for excellent spotlights, and cabinet lights for small, individual items in your shop.


Why LED Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Shop

High performance LED lighting for shops and other retail spaces makes sense most of all from an economical point of view. You might think their initial purchase price is higher than other bulbs, but this is more than mitigated by two other points. Firstly, they last longer and fail less often meaning they do not need replacing for many years. Second, they cost less to run due to their energy efficiency. If, for example, you compare an LED to an incandescent bulb, you’ll find it to be 10 times more efficient. They are also three times more efficient than Halogen bulbs and twice as efficient as fluorescent bulbs.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Lighting in Shops

The benefits of using LED light bulbs goes beyond energy efficiency. Any shop owner or operator wants to provide the most effective lighting solutions for the retail environment focusing on product lighting, shopper experience, and a safe, comfortable workplace. High performance LEDs are flexible enough to provide low heat, high quality spotlights for products, signage, cabinets and more, plus overall shop and back office lighting. They are consistent, tough, reliable, and safe for all environments.


How Can I Retrofit My Shop’s Lighting?

LED high bay lighting fixtures allow you to make simple light bulb substitutions on a one for one basis by replacing the old bulb with a new LED. Shops do use a variety of lighting fixtures including spot lights, general strip or high bay, and cabinet lighting. No matter the fitting, modern LEDs will fit them. Furthermore, you can update fixtures with newer ones or redesign the entire lighting with a new set up. Qualified electricians should be engaged for any wiring changes.


We Guarantee Long Lasting LED Shop Lighting

5 Year Warranty
As a responsible business owner with a key sense for cost management, you want to have not just energy efficient lighting, but reliable shop lighting too. At LEDLights.co.uk we pride ourselves on being able to offer a full 5 year quality guarantee on all of our light bulbs. We do this because we believe in their longevity.

Would you like to know more about our products and services? Each product comes with its own page including purchasing options, specifications, and customer reviews. We also have full Help and FAQ pages covering basic queries we receive, Of course, every shop retrofit is different. This is why our staff love to help shop owners design the best LED lighting for them, so give us a call on 0845 533 2852 or emailing us at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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