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High Performance LED

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Companies up and down the country are busy converting to high performance LED lighting. Whether they are retrofitting their businesses or investing in new lighting designs complete with high performance LED fixtures, they are part of a growing trend across the world. Less than a decade ago, fluorescent lights were being phased out with halogen and fluorescent lights set to take over, but now the market has swung toward a more humble device, the LED. This article aims to set out some basic information as to why you should convert or retrofit your business with new, effective and flexible LEDs.


What are High Performance LEDs?

High Performance LED

High performance LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a relatively new form of lighting, but a form which has been around for a hundred years. The technology has steadily improved over decades, allowing for a wide range of advances until they became viable for lighting. Their high performance comes from the highly efficient creation of electroluminescence or light emission generated from an electric field. Being smaller than traditional bulbs, LEDs can be used as small, individual lights or in clusters to mimic the power and illumination of larger bulbs. They come as spotlights, down lights, high bays, flood lights, tube lights, and strip lights, meaning any light in your business can be changed over to an LED.


Why LED Lighting Makes Good Economic Sense for Your Business

Led affordability can be divided into three sections. The first is upfront costs. True, currently the upfront cost of buying LED bulbs exceeds that of other types. However, the second section is replacement costs - LEDs are the longest lasting and most durable bulbs - they have the lowest fail rate of any bulb. This matters because the upfront cost of buying a bulb is lessened over time by not needing to be replaced.

Finally, there is the long-term energy cost of lighting your business. Different bulbs require different amounts of electricity to make the same amount of light. So the amount of energy you need to use a high performance LED light bulb is 1/10th of that of an incandescent bulb, 1/3 of a halogen bulb and 1/2 of that of a fluorescent bulb. Over a year, switching to cost efficient LED light bulbs can save a business hundreds of pounds if not more.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Other Benefits of LED Lighting in the Workplace

The benefits of running LED lighting throughout your business goes beyond economic value - of course that is a major factor. Each area of a site requires different kinds of lighting ranging from common car parking or hallway lighting, to lights for signs and high quality lighting to highlight items in a store or to provide a safe working place. Whatever the requirement, LEDs produce a crisp, clear and consistent light. Not only that, it’s safe and produces virtually no heat, even if left on all the time.


How Can I Retrofit My Business Lighting?

Retrofitting your business with high performance LED light bulbs is a simple process. A retrofit can either involve new fixtures and fittings - a full remodeling and lighting design, or it can be a one for one substitution of old, inefficient light bulbs and new, efficient LEDs. In the latter case, all modern LED light bulbs are designed to fit long established fixture types whether they are high bays or spotlights. In terms of fitting new fixtures, we do have LED specific ones, which enhance their quality, but most of our lights work within normal parameters, so check out our installation guides for more information.


We Guarantee Long Lasting Business Lighting

5 Year Warranty
As you have seen above, LED light bulbs are both economical to run and durable, but they are also long lasting. We believe in the longevity of our bulbs to such an extent that we are willing to put a 5 year quality guarantee on them.

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