G9 Base Socket Lamp Holder

G9 Base Socket Lamp Holder

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Our Ceramic G9 Base Socket Lamp Holder, complete with 150mm heat protected fly leads, allows you to install G9 bulbs into your existing system without having to replace fittings. If your fittings are currently ballasted then you will need to bypass the ballast as this adapter uses standard mains input voltage. Installation is simple but does require some basic wiring knowledge - if you do not feel comfortable undertaking such work please call a qualified electrician. Simply disconnect or bypass the ballast during installation to enable the G9's to run direct of mains voltage. Please remember to switch off any supply on the circuit before installation.

Extremely handy to convert existing fittings such as those designed for G4 bulbs into G9 giving you the benefits of being able to use mains voltage eliminating any risk of the dreaded start up flicker, and also allows you to have dimmable LED bulbs.

✓ Silicone wire
✓ Cable length 15cm
✓ Diameter 23mm
✓ Depth (base) 21mm
✓ Max. 250V/100W

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