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Please read our delivery and processing information carefully. By using our website you agree with our delivery and processing policies.

Order Processing

Orders purchased using a credit card are processed after the credit card payments are debited. Items are shipped after credit card payments have been successfully processed, usually within 24 hours of purchase.



Purchased items are shipped throughout Europe using TNT, Fedex, or local postal service. The shipping method depends on size of the item and expediency. Delivery of shipped items can be expected within 2-5 days of shipment notification. For information on our returns and replacement policies, read our terms & conditions. If you have questions or would like more information about our delivery and processing policies, please contact our customer service professionals on 0845 533 2852, live chat with a specialist, or send us an info@ledlights.co.uk


We can also accomadate special delivery requirments. Please feel free to contact us should you require special assistance.


Free Delivery

Free delivery is offered on all orders over the value of £25. The company reserves the right to alter or discontinue this offer without notice. Some order may require special handling or may not be included in this offer. This will be noted in the product description and the relavent delivery charge will be added to your shopping cart.