Surface Frame for 295 x 1195 Panel

Surface Frame for 295 x 1195 Panel

£11.26 £13.51

This surface mount frame is perfect for installing Lightwell 295 x 1195 LED panel lights in locations without a suspended ceiling grid, such as plasterboard or concrete ceilings. It is ideal for offices, schools, hospitals etc. where recessed mounting is not possible. Installation is easy, simply screw the three frame sides to the ceiling, slide your LED panel in and then screw the remaining side on. The surface mount frame has enough depth to accommodate the LED driver, which should be placed in the centre of the panel to get good heat dissipation.

✔ Suitable for all 295 x 1195mm Panel Lights
✔ Ideal for plasterboard or concrete ceilings
✔ Volume & Trade pricing available

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