7w GU10 LED Bulb

7w GU10 LED Bulb

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Light Colour Wattage Sku
Cool White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/CWND
Cool White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/CWD
Warm White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/WWND
Warm White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/WWD
Natural White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/NWND
Natural White 510-645 7W GU10/XG7/NWD
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Our new retrofit XGEN 7 watt GU10 LED uses the latest in LED technology to produce a light output of 565 lumens. This lamp utilises a specialised anti-glare lens to deliver an even coverage of light which is spread out over a 60 degree beam angle. Designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and lighting bills by up to 90%, research has shown this could save you as much as £150 over the lifetime of the bulb. With a choice of dimmable or non-dimmable, this GU10 is also available in 3 different colour temperatures allowing you to achieve your desired lighting effect with ease. Now in Warm White, Cool White and Natural White.

If you are looking for a standard ‘halogen style’ lighting effect we would advise a Warm White LED bulb, this softer yellow colour is more tranquil and welcoming. Natural white is a little cleaner in appearance with just a hint of warmth. If your preference is a pure white modern look, or you require lighting where accurate colour reproduction is important, we would advise a Cool White LED bulb for a cleaner and brighter light.

✔ Perfect retrofit with high quality finish
✔ Environmentally friendly: no mercury or hazardous substances
✔ Register this product for a FREE 5yr Warranty
✔ Volume & Trade pricing available - Call 0203 327 2931

Please note. Dimmable LED lamps must be used with "Trailing Edge" LED dimmer systems.


7w GU10 Specification

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