5m Cable Extension for Single Colour LED Strip (2-pin)

5m Cable Extension for Single Colour LED Strip (2-pin)

£2.49 £2.99

LED cable wire extension cord for Single Colour LED Strips.

The Single Colour Extension Cable is a great accessory that offers the flexibility you need in a large full colour LED installation. Whether you need to have two areas of a large room accented with full colour LED light, but want them on the same colour controller, or you want to set up parallel runs of RGB strip, this extension cable allows you create space between Static Colour LED light bars or sections of Flexible Light Strip. The Extension Cable is available in 15cm and 5m lengths.

The Single Colour Extension Cable can be used in conjunction with the Static-colour Strip to Bar Connector to create a large installation. Perhaps you need to install 20 feet of strip lighting on the same power adapter/driver. With the use of a simple connector and this extension cable, you can have a large single-colour LED light show, all commanded by a single power adapter.

Please Note: When working with LED Lighting products for the first time or even if you are an experienced user certain aspects of LED Lighting can be a bit confusing. If you do not have all of the correct components or you do not properly calculate your LED supplies then you risk damaging your product, fire hazard, or simply your product not working at all. Follow these simple LED Lighting Tutorials in order to be certain that you are using and installing all of you LED products appropriately.

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