1.8w G4 LED Filament Bulb

1.8w G4 LED Filament Bulb

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1.8w G4 LED Filament Bulb
1.8w G4 LED Filament Bulb

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This non-dimmable G4 LED bulb features 1 LED Filament encased in a low viscosity solvent free 100% reactive CNT modified epoxy resin. The bi-pin base allows easy installation and is a suitable replacement for any existing incandescent or halogen G4 light bulb. With an output of 200 lumens the energy-efficient LED bulb uses only 1.8 watts of power; an incandescent bulb with comparable light output would consume 18 watts. With a standard life of 50,000 hours, it produces little to no heat, converting up to 90% of electricity into light, making it a cost-effective, environmentally friendly lighting solution.

G4 bulbs are ideal used in decorative lighting and under-cabinet lighting. Available in Warm White.

✔ Perfect retrofit with high quality finish
✔ Environmentally friendly: no mercury or hazardous substances
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1.8w G4 Filament Specification

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